Whitespace FFF 2019

2019 Raine Square Fashion Film Festival

The client wanted to grab the attention of the viewer quickly as the flow of traffic around the site was constant. A really vivid external display was what was needed. The client wanted the customers to feel a sense of magic as they walked through the site and wanted to lead them along a journey, guiding them to Palace Cinimas.

Building off the concept of iridescent and use of light, the colours seem to change as the viewers walk past. This created a simple and effective way of catching the general publics eye. Overall, the result is a concept that really allows us to capture the consumer at the externals and with cleaver placement, use of lighting, iridescence decals we guide the customer through the journey to the cinema.

Graphic Design
Window Frosting
Window Graphics
Vinyl Cut Decals
Illuminated Displays
Digital & Printed Posters