IGA Woodvale

IGA Woodvale

IGA Woodvale, a well-established grocery store, approached us with the objective of revitalising their store signage to improve customer experience, enhance visibility, and create a more modern and cohesive brand image. They wanted a comprehensive signage refurbishment that would align with their core values of freshness, quality, and convenience.

During the conceptualisation phase, our designers created multiple concepts that focused on enhancing legibility, incorporating a new logo and brand elements, and optimising the overall visual appeal. With the approved design direction, we further developed the signage designs, paying close attention to typography, color schemes, and layout. The aim was to create a clean, modern, and intuitive visual experience that would guide shoppers effortlessly through the store.

The supermarket signage refurbishment for IGA Woodvale achieved remarkable results. The new signage improved customer  experience and simply looks stunning. The hero deli with its stunning halo-lit illuminated 3D sign, a captivating masterpiece that combines the elegance of halo lighting with the dimensional allure of 3D design. The clean and modern designs aligned seamlessly with the IGA brand, strengthening their market position and customer perception.


Project Management
Concept Design
Detailed Site Survey
Printed Wall Graphics
Router Cut Lettering
Vinyl Cut Graphics
3D Illuminated Signs